New Puppy

Several days ago, a family of four got a puppy. German Shepherd. Kids loved him. They named him Ceasar. Mom wasn’t really on board with the idea, but Dad really wanted a dog, so he convinced Mum to, at least, try and see how this will go.

The puppy was only few months old so he was in a stage where he would lick and bite everything. He ate through Dad’s shoe, wooden chair in the kitchen, Mom’s socks, kids’ stuffed animals, etc.. Kids were laughing whenever they saw him eat something that wasn’t his food. Mom just kept getting more and more mad and she wanted to get rid of the dog. She was mad.

Dad convinced her to give the puppy another week. If he doesn’t get better, they will sell him.

First three days of the “probation week” started rather good. Ceasar hasn’t eaten anything that he wasn’t supposed to. At least not yet. Then, one morning while the family was eating breakfast together, the puppy brought a surprise. A ring. He was all muddy and dusty, who knows from where he got that ring.  Dad took it and washed it. It was a golden ring, probably a wedding ring. The family tried to find out where he got it from, but the puppy wouldn’t move. He was just sitting in the kitchen watching them. Dad wanted to sell it. It would help them financially. He wanted to re-paint the house. Mom agreed so they went to the jewelry store and sold it. The woman that worked there said the ring was quite unique. The way it was made shows it is at least 70 years old, probably even more. Mom and Dad just looked at each other. Who knows where that ring came from. They will probably never find out. The mystery remains with the puppy.


Your Secret is Safe With Me, pt.2

She continued her life as if nothing happened. People would express their condolences and she would pretend she was grateful for that. In fact, she couldn’t care less. All she was thinking about was finding whoever killed her love. She would start by examining who would finish on the short end of the new deal her company made with the new investors. Now that he is dead, she will become the CEO of the company. Finding out the truth shouldn’t be too hard. She will have access to all the documents, at least the legal ones. She will also get a gun, she is done with trying to respect his wish. She needs answers and she won’t get them without a fight.

She was on her way home when she got a text. It read: “Meet me at the docks in 30 minutes if you want some answers”. She didn’t get a gun yet, so should she really go and meet this person? She did carry a small pocket knife in her purse and pepper spray so she thought she could risk it. She is going to the docks.

She came just in time, few minutes before so she had time to explore her surroundings. Then, a car approached. It stopped few feet from her and a shadowy figure got out of the car. She couldn’t really see who it was because it was dark and car lights were blinding her. But, she did recognize a female figure carrying a briefcase. She got out of the car and walked towards the woman. She was now very close to her but still couldn’t really see who it was. The woman put the briefcase on the floor and said: “I am sorry about what happened to him. That was never the plan.” She turned, got in her car and left, but left the briefcase. Who knows what secrets it contained? Maybe she will find out right now who killer her husband. Or maybe she will discover more secrets. Now his last words kept playing in her head. Your secret is safe with me.

Your Secret is Safe With Me

Your secret is safe with me.

Those were his last words. He looked at her with eyes filled with care and love. She couldn’t help but cry a bit. He was so good for her. Actually, he was too good. That is why it ended like this. His body lying motionlessly on the floor and his dead eyes looking straight up. He died from a knife. She had her suspicions on who might have done it, but she still needs to find evidence. Or she doesn’t. she can end this herself, but he would ask of her not to. To leave it to the justice.

She washed her hair and took a long hot shower once she arrived home. She poured a glass of red wine, turned on the TV and just sat in front of it, not thinking, not moving, tired from everything that has been happening for the past few months. She was tense, even the slightest sound would make her jump and grab the knife she held next to her on the couch. She wants to get a gun. He was always against it and now look what happened. However, that was his big thing. Despite all the fear and hate and bad in the world, he didn’t want to lose hope. He believed the world was ultimately good. That society was good. That people were good. It is sad the world takes those kinds of people away from us. Those with hope. Those who dream about goodness and positivity.

But his last were surprising, to say the least.  Your secret is safe with me. Her secret…safe with him. She always knew that. She knew she can trust him. Could trust him. But why did he say it? At that time? Was there nothing else he would have rather told her but that her secret is safe?

Life is funny. It brings you things you never even dreamed of. Twists and turns every step of the way. That’s what makes it interesting. And sad. And happy. Life is a funny thing, but a very powerful one.

Life is also filled with secrets, mysteries, treasons, deaths. Why? Why can’t it be a happy thing? Just happiness and love. What a perfect dream that is.

As she lay in bed ready to go to sleep, a certain thought kept bugging her. Your secret is safe with me. Her secret…but he is dead…but he kept her secret… was that what killed him? Her secret?

That thought was too much to bear and she started crying. She cried like she had never cried before.

Your secret is safe with me.



PS: Thank you for reading this short story. Tell me what you think in the comments and if you would like me to write a sequel to this.

Need to feel loved

She opened her window. It was a clear and warm night. She could see millions of stars from her window. She, an astronomer at heart, loved anything related to Universe. Because of that she took the time to become sort of a professional at astrology.

She was a very intuitive and introverted person. That kind of goes together. She wanted to pain, but she wasn’t good at it. She wanted to sing, but she couldn’t do that either. Then, she tried writing and she is satisfied with it. It took her a while to get comfortable with writing, but now she is ok with it.

As she gazed out the window, she thought about her children. She had twins, a boy and a girl. She always wanted twins and she was the happiest she had ever been when she found out her dream actually came true. she loved her kids more than her own life. Ready to do anything to make them happy and safe. “Mother’s intuition” was strong in her. She was very close to her children since it was just the three of them. Their father was killed in an accident. Drunk driver. She swore she will never drink and she hasn’t. It has been 7 years.

Now, a guy showed interest in her, but she fells like she is cheating. Cheating her love. That is why she is looking up to the stars. She needs answers. Answers on what to do. Can she allow herself to feel loved again? She is just standing there and thinking. Contemplating the mysterious ways of life. As a very reserved person, when she loves she loves deeply and wholly. She needs time to love, but when she does, it is very strong.

Can she allow herself to feel that again? Love, yes, but pain and suffering that could come out of loving another? She doesn’t know. She is afraid to feel again. It is easier to shut down that part of her. But that is a lonely life then. Everybody needs happiness and to feel loved. But she doesn’t know. She is scared. She is like a young girl at this moment. But the young girl needs love to grow just like plants need water to grow. It is essential for life.

Destiny decided to interfere

She thought about this guy she likes. They have been talking a bit, but never went out on a real date. He told her he likes her. She told him she wants to get to know him better. It seems like a good start. She likes his positivity and happiness. He likes her shyness and carefulness.

They are both far from home, away for college. Anything is possible, they think. Anything can happen.


However, nothing happened. Destiny decided to interfere.


She ended up in a hospital, she ate a peanut which she is allergic to.

He waited for her at their meeting point for hours, but she didn’t come. He left, almost in tears. He had a feeling this would be the right thing. That’s she would be the one.

While lying in a hospital bed, she dreamt about him. She dreamt how he felt like being the right guy.


After this, they never texted again. They have never even seen each other again. They both graduated and found a job. He married someone who only kept bringing him pain and suffering. She married a guy that remined her of him, but was abusive and would beat her and humiliate her. But she couldn’t leave him. The resemblance was too great. She still loved that guy from college that now seemed like a distant past that happened in another lifetime.

Both of them kept thinking about that day when destiny interfered. Why she didn’t come? Why did she eat that peanut, she never eats peanuts.

Why did destiny interfere indeed? To save them from something? To teach them a lesson? To test them?

Anyway, they failed. Now, they are living with the consequences of their decisions. They are unhappy.

Little did the know that we are more than just flesh and blood. Souls are infinite and ever-lasting. Connections between souls can never be ignored or forgotten. They will meet again. In another lifetime. In another life. Under different circumstances. But again, they will have to make the right choice.

She sits in her small dark dorm-room

Sitting in a small college dorm-room, she fantasized about her future. Even worse, she fantasized about her future husband. Will she be good enough to find one? Will she be a good mother to the two children she wants to have? Will she be good enough for him?

What she didn’t think about was herself. Will she be good enough for her? Will she fulfill her dreams? Will she become the brave, confident, pretty woman she always dreamt of becoming? What will she become?

As she dozed off, as usual, to her dream-land a small candle was burning low in the corner of the dark room. She became used to it. She was even fond of the small minimalistic room. All she possessed was a small round wooden table, a bed and two sofas. She was never a big fan of buying things for the apartment, or even buying things at all. She grew up always thinking about how to save money. The only thing she would, and could, spend money on was travelling. And books in her earlier age.

Now, all she does is visit various youtube channels about people who travel and reads their stories and memoirs from those distant travels she so wishes to do. She keeps telling herself: “One day I will leave. One day I will be able to say I visited all the countries I the world. One day.” But, what she unconsciously fears is, will that day ever come? Will her soul ever feel fulfilled?

And so she sits in her small dark dorm-room dreaming if wonders and places she wants to visit, again. Her soul knows she already visited them, but the girl can’t understand that. All she can understand is that she wants to go there. There is a certain need deep inside her that forces her to go. That forces her to discover. And so, she lies in her bed and puts herself to sleep by dreaming of those distant places she can, for now, only visit in her dreams.

My Poll

New Ideas

Hi, everyone!

Sorry I haven’t really been writing lately.  I was busy with finals and tennis, we won our conference, yay, and played regionals at Georgia Tech! It was amazing.

I am getting ready to go home. Finally, after 10 months. I am flying tomorrow morning and I was alone the whole day today on campus so I decided to have some fun with pictures. I never did this kind of thing before, so they might look funny 😛

I just wanted to do something so I can kill some time  and I was being spontaneous so enjoy!


Now I am just sitting on the sofa one Monday morning thinking. What am I thinking about? I have no idea. I have some random passing thoughts. Nothing important I guess. I don’t know. I was just in the mood to take my laptop and write something.

It is a lovely day outside. The sun is shining, it is warm, there are no clouds, it is idyllic. My morning is going well, I don’t have much to do so I can just relax and do whatever I feel like doing. Isn’t that great?

However, there is one things that has occupied my mind for a while now. Few months, actually. Well, one person, to be correct. I really miss that person. We could talk about anything and everything. There was so much understanding and so much interest. I was really fascinated by him. His mind was amazing. We could talk for hours and hours and never get bored. Sadly, our time was short. Life forced us to only have a short and limited time together. I hate it. We hate it. But, you can’t win against life, right? It is too powerful. It has to many tricks it can use against all of us. Such is the power of life.

All we can do is comply and go with the flow. Go and see where it will take us. Surely there are some good news, rewards, and excitement waiting for us. If no, then what is the point of all of this?


Some people enjoy their lives. They have it better than others. They just do. That is the fact. Some parts of life will be easier for them. However, we shouldn’t be envious or jealous. They have it better. So what? Don’t keep thinking about it or be envious. Just get to work! You like something somebody else does? Good, now have that goal in mind and start working towards it. Just thinking about how lucky they are and how good they have it won’t make a difference for you. You have to work for it. No one will just hand you something. You have to work hard for it.

What is the point of all this gossip and envy? It is stupid. Nothing good can come out of envy. You will just end up hurt and probably more envious. Instead, take what you like and work hard to achieve it so you can have it, too.

Now, why did I suddenly go so far off topic? Well, I did it because of that person I miss. Maybe I should have tried harder. Maybe I shouldn’t have let him stop this so easily. He regrets it now, as well. I think we both should have tried harder to have something good, something positive. Anyway, we tried, it was good for a while, but I guess we should have tried harder. Maybe it was just a test to see if we will try hard enough. Maybe we deserved to fail. We didn’t want it hard enough and we failed.

That is a lesson we should all learn. Try hard. Try very hard. Then try harder. We didn’t try hard enough and we failed. Now we both regret it, but it is too late now. All that is left now is regret. What if…that is all we have. And that is the worst thing to have. When you think about what could have happened. No, go ahead and do it. Go and try to get it. Put your 100% into it and try. Only that way will you get what you want. That is the only way.

Regret is the worst. It leaves you with that bitter taste in your mouth. Don’t do that. Go for it and only then will you know if it was good or not.

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