“The thoughtful soul to solitude retires”

“The thoughtful soul to solitude retires”
Omar Khayyam


It is a warm and humid Sunday night. I am sitting in my dorm room with my laptop trying to watch a TV show on Netflix. However, something in my mind kept drawing my attention away from the show. I kept trying to get back to the show, but just couldn’t force myself to do it. I just had this feeling that I am not doing anything, that I am procrastinating too much.

I am going to college in Alabama and I am a freshman, however school for me here is very easy. I am bored on most of the classes. I don’t have to study for any of the subjects, at least not yet. Luckily, I am on the tennis team so few hours a day I can spend doing something that I like and that is useful and beneficial to me.

What kept bugging me was, how can I make myself more marketable in today’s ever-changing world? How can I stand out amongst so many people who are pursuing same dreams as me? We all want a job. We all want to succeed. What can I do to stand out? That is why I decided to start writing. I don’t have any ideas what to write about so I will just start by posting random quotes and just free-writing about them and see how I feel about this after some time.

I think this quote really fits today’s mood. It really describes how I felt while trying to watch the TV show. Finally, I decided to listen to my heart, which kept telling me to start writing for white some time now, and I decided to write.

Now, regarding the quote, in the simplest term, people can be divided into introverts and extroverts. I know, this isn’t completely true and people are much more complex than this, but it simple word, we have two groups. Introverts are loners, they enjoy being by themselves. They use this time to contemplate, to think. They enjoy solitude. As an introvert, myself, I completely agree. Of course, I enjoy being with others and like meeting new people (one of the reasons why I am studying abroad and spend one year abroad in high school). However, we very much appreciate the times we spent alone. We spend it on just doing things we like and that helps us “get the energy” so we can deal with the noise around us. I spend the time thinking about my goals, possibilities, wishes, and desires. This quote fits an introvert perfectly. Often seen as thoughtful and preferring solitude, an introvert will always have something on his mind which he or she will contemplate about in much-enjoyed solitude. There is no better time to think, than when one is alone. That is when we can think about our desires and listen to our hearts. No one else is there to distracts us. It us just us and our own thoughts. Perfect time to think.

This is what I am doing right now. One, I am following my heart (and it feels great, btw). Two, I am trying to stand out. Three, I am being productive. I am creating something. I guess you can call it a piece of art, in a way. And I like the feeling of this. I like the feeling of trying something new and, especially, of creating something new. I like creating things, mostly in an art way. I like drawing, or sketching would be a better way to say it. I am not good at it, but I just draw whatever comes to my mind and it feels relaxing and rewarding.

I wrote quite a lot for the first time. My mind I just all over the place. I just wanted to write and it is pretty much a mess. But I don’t care. No one saw this. Maybe no one will. I don’t know. But maybe I will post it online so others can read it as well. It would be a good thing to do. For now, I am just glad I actually wrote something.


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