Wary of Other People

“It’s important to be thoughtful and mindful about the things you say to other people.”
Evan Spiegel


Nowadays, people cannot really know everything about you. Today, people are trying to succeed, which is a normal part of us. We all wish to be successful. However, that leads to certain bad characteristics. It is just that some individuals are more susceptible to them than others.

We should always be vary of what we say to others. We never know when they might use that against us. It doesn’t have to be their fault or intention all the time. Sometimes, people say things without thinking, which might cause somehting bad to others. However, they didn’t know that. That is why precaution is good.

It can helps us prevent so many possibly bad things from happening. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we shouldn’t say anythign to anyone-that is not true. I am saying that we need to be careful what secrets and goals we say to what people. Think before you speak.

We cannot keep everything for ourselves. It is impossible. But, I believe we should open our minds and hearts only to those who deserve to hear it. And to know who deserves to hear it, we need time. Time will show who is worthy of knowing our deepest and sincerest desires, goals, intentions, and beliefs.

As I sit in my bed tonight while writing this, I am looking back on my life (pretty short one, for sure) and I keep thinking about to how many people I have opened completely. How many people actually know my deepest desires and fears, my biggest plans and thoughts about sensitive topics. Few people know a lot about me, what I want, how I feel about certain things, but those are all general topics. And those people I consider to be my very close friends. However, only one person knows almost everything about me. Only one person knows about those sensitive topics. I never regretted telling that person all of that. All I regret is that that particular person isn’t here, close to me. I miss gazing at the stars with them in the middle of nowhere at midnight and just talking about anything and everything. I miss having those “important” conversations with them. I miss their presence.

I was very mindful about what things I said to others. I don’t regret telling so many personal things to that person. All I regret or, better said, hate is not having them near me so I can tell them about new important things that I wish I could tell them, but I can’t. I don’t know if  will ever be able to.


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