New Habits and Productivity

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing”

Benjamin Franklin


I have been writing for few days now and I feel more and more comfortable when writing. I really enjoy it now. Also, I have few ideas what I can write about.

I decided that I will make a weekly schedule and I printed it out and wrote my constant tasks such as classes, tennis, gym down. I realized a have a lot of free time, more than I imagined. I realized I have a lot more time to read, write, and draw. While doing this schedule, I got an idea to start writing about organization, productivity, motivation and similar topics. Many people are struggling with how to stay motivated, be organized or productive so I want to offer you some advices on how to become better at time management and how to your time efficiently.

A day has 24 hours. We spend 8 hours on sleeping and rest is spent on school/work, but a lot of time is spent just staring at our TVs, phones, or computers. We could do so much more in a day if we managed not to spend so many hours just staring at the screens and surfing through Facebook posts. I realized this when I did my schedule today and I am determined and motivated to spend more time doing some of my hobbies (drawing, reading, and, the newest one, writing) and not as much on Netflix  🙂 I will upload a picture of my schedule for this week so you can see how much of free time I actually have and imagine this: I spent most of that free time on Netflix. Not good at all 😛

That is why I decided to change something. I didn’t like what I was doing on most days. I miss being busy and productive like I was in my high school. I was very busy with school and tennis, but now I only have tennis. College is very easy (at least for now) and I want to work on myself as well. I want to try new things, find new hobbies (which I did) and just be productive.

I chose this quote because it fits my newest hobby, writing. I am actually creating something, by myself. And it feels amazing. Moreover, whenever I look at this schedule, it forces me to do those things. I guess having tasks written down makes them seem more important and it motivates me to do them. I would recommend you to do this then; make a schedule (it can be daily, weekly, monthly, whatever you feel would work best for you) and first write down the things that are permanent (at least for some time) and are always at a certain time. Also, put waking up and going to bed at the same time every night. That way you can establish a habit and have your body know when is time to work and when to sleep and relax. Next, write down specific times when you can do something that relaxes you, whether it is yoga, meditation, reading, or praying. For me, meditation works best so I will be doing meditation twice a day, when I wake up and before I go to bed. When you are done with this, you will see how much time you have left. Then, you can write down all the hobbies you want to do or if you have any meetings or other obligations you have to do that constantly change. The rest is yours to fill out. Have fun with it, but try to make it reasonable and realistic to fulfill.

Next, try to follow your schedule. Find the will and motivation to do those things you wrote down. Try and be consistent with it. It is something that can be very beneficial in your lives.


I hope you guys liked this. I wanted to try and write about something a bit different. I do have some ideas about what I can write, but it will take few days to actually have something that I can post. I hope you guys won’t mind it 🙂


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