Short Story

“Annie, can you please send this to the manager, I have so many things on my mind I just don’t have time to do this!” says a colleague of mine and just drops 7 closed envelopes on my already crowded table. Sure, I say in my head. It’s not like I have anything else to do.

I slowly got up, took the 7 envelopes and started walking towards the mail section of the building. As I walk, I observe all the people who were here. They are all in business clothes, trying to be professional and act as a professional business man/woman should. It is all an act. A petty attempt to try and appear as someone better. Fools! It is not like it matters. We are all replaceable anyway. If you make a wrong move and your boss doesn’t like it, he can replace you easily. There are hundreds of people waiting for your mistake. They are just waiting for the opportunity and they are willing to take whatever it takes.

I make it to the mail section, but no one is here. Great! Looks like I need to personally deliver these messages to the Boss. I walk into an elevator and press 56th floor. The higher floor, the more important you are. Great, we are being compared to a building.

1st floor? You don’t even exist! 22nd floor? Poor creature that feels like it is important, but in fact is insignificant. 39th floor? Huh, you might be acknowledged by your higher-ups. 56th floor? The Boss, the one who makes all the decisions, the one who controls everything. Nobody else matters. He knows it. I know it. Few other know it. Everybody else is fooling themselves by believing their office on a high floor actually means something. Silly.


The doors open. 56th floor in all its glory. It is a vast space, mostly empty, with few sofas and chairs by the elevator. Huge mahogany desk with an older secretary that is all in grey and with thick glasses and a bun. Behind her, the Boss.

I slowly walk towards her and hand her the envelopes. “Thank you, darling!”- she says. She takes the envelopes and puts them on her desk. I slowly turn around and notice how empty it is. Few sofas and chairs, few plants, big windows and an elevator. Why does he need so much room? It is not like he has his own office, which is also big, by the way. I guess it’s the first impression. Bigger room, more powerful you are. I press 36th floor. Marketing department. We like to pretend we are important. That we mean something. “Without us, this company wouldn’t even exist”. False. It is not because of us. It is because of the Boss and his capital. It is because of networking. And luck.

The elevator stops. 36th floor. My floor. I take a small step and head towards my cubicle. 12:40 pm. I should get ready for my lunch break.


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