I am at my sanctuary again. The best coffee shop in the world. Well, probably not, but you get my point. Anyway, I am writing again. This time I am doing an itinerary. I shouldn’t, but I am doing it anyway.  I am pretending that I am doing the Trans-Siberian Railway trip. This is the first thing I’d like to do when the time is right (and I have money, of course). It is a 10-day trip (I am doing the entire railway, of course) and I will end up all the way in Vladivostok. Then, I’d like to go to China for some time (2 or 3 months maybe). Then visit Mongolia for a month. It would cost quite a bit, but I would just have to be very careful about my budget and I think I could manage. I would love to try and test myself. It would be fun and exciting. Maybe one day.

Now, I need to pack my things and head for the office. Thankfully, it is Friday. I need a break from all of this. I am meeting with my cousin tomorrow for coffee. We haven’t seen each other in a long time and we have a lot of catching up to do. She is quite like me, adventurous, willing to travel and see the world, spontaneous, sometimes crazy, but I love her anyway.

The rest of the day went by as usual. I had to do lots of paperwork and reviews. Lunch break was the same as always with the same people. everything was as usual. It was all regular. Regular life. Boring life. No excitement. Nothing interesting to talk about.

I want something different. Something exciting. But, there are other more important (and boring) things I need to focus on right now.

I turn on the TV and the news talked about same things as always. They are full of negativity, nothing good or positive. I turn it off and eat some of the leftovers from yesterday.

I pick up a book and start reading. It is about a man who isn’t religious, but decided to go on a pilgrimage. He just wanted to do something new and different. He went to Medjugorje in Bosnia. I don’t know if I would do a pilgrimage. It seems as something very religious and serious. I think it would be too religious for me. I don’t mind visiting churches and other holy places, learning about religions, but I think pilgrimage is for people who are devoutly religious. I think my type of pilgrimage would be a trip to any place in the world. The entire trip would feel as a place and an opportunity to learn, experience, see, and enjoy.

Phone rings and I answer.

“Hello, my name is Stella and I am calling to give you some information on our travel gift cards.”- great, exactly what I don’t need. “I am sorry, but I am not really interested” I say and hang up the phone. I put the radio on and they play the 80s music while I am doing the dishes.

Tomorrow I am meeting with my cousin so I have some time in the morning to clean my apartment and maybe do some writing. I will also call my brother and mother and see how are they doing. Now, I need to get ready for my jog and then take a shower, meditate, and go to sleep. Sounds good.



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