My cousin and I

“So, tell me, what’s new with you? Has anything exciting happened?”-Joanne, my cousin, asks me.

“Well, to be honest, nothing really. I’ve been working, jogging, meditating, reading… same as always, nothing special.”- I say.

“Oh, come on! Something new must have happened, I just know it!”

At this point, I am debating whether I should tell her about the pull I feel for travelling. She already knows that, but lately, it has only gotten stronger. “Well, I just feel like I need to leave. Pack one suitcase and leave. It would be very childish, of course. I just graduated and I landed this nice job. It’s not particularly interesting, but it helps pay for the bills.”

“I know, I want to leave as well. Just go to some place, far away and just stay there. I think then I would feel so happy, I would finally quiet down that need I feel constantly. I would finally be happy. Or, at least, I think that. I don’t really know, but I am pretty sure I would”.

“Maybe we can go somewhere together. Hopefully sooner rather than later. But just the two of us. We could just leave and go wherever we feel like going. We could be spontaneous”.

I just sit there and listen. Yea, it would be nice.

I am staring out the metro train window as I am going home. Tomorrow is Sunday and I have nothing planned. What should I do? Hmm…

I could wake up early and go to the park and just relax there a bit, read or maybe write. That sounds good.

Also, what will I eat next week? I need to go shopping and I need to start cooking, as well. I can do that around noon tomorrow. First, I will just relax and enjoy the day. It should be sunny and warm. Perfect weather.



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