Should I Transfer?

I am sitting in my dorm room on a lovely March afternoon. Classical music (Devil’s Trill Sonata, to be precise) is playing in my laptop and my roommate is half-asleep. She is also on the tennis team (I am too) but she will transfer next year. I am both happy and sad. I really liked her. It was good to have her around, she is a good and funny person. I will miss her. I hope she will like her new school.

However, this made me think about transferring as well. Specifically, I am thinking about the years right after I graduate. What will I do? I have two options: I can either stay in the US and find a job or go to grad school, but in Europe. I need good grades for master’s in Europe, but I am afraid if I will be lagging school wise. University I attend right now is not too good, academic wise. Therefore, I am afraid if I will miss too much of schoolwork if I stay here. Also, I don’t really like the place here. It isn’t bad, but some things I just can’t adapt to. That is another reason why I think I should transfer. Third, if I try to get a job after graduation, I need to have (or, at least, I think so) good school on my transcripts. School that has a good reputation.

However, if I transfer, which will be either at the end of my sophomore year or never, I am afraid I might end up in a worse place. I am afraid tennis might be bad, not quality wise, but that coaches and/or teammates will be awful. Also, I don’t know if I will find a full scholarship, which I have here. I have to pay for master’s anyway and I don’t want to use up that money to pay for two years at some other school. Tennis prospect of the school here is good. I like the coaches and my teammates, so I cannot complain regarding this. I am just scared about my academics.

However, I can’t really have full college experience here. The culture is just way to different for me to get used to it. The way people act, behave, dress, eat is just too different when compared to home. I really don’t mean this in an offensive way, it is just different. I come from the other side of the world and it is just hard to get used to some things.

Anyway, I still have to think about this. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to comment. I could use some help.


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