Your Secret is Safe With Me

Your secret is safe with me.

Those were his last words. He looked at her with eyes filled with care and love. She couldn’t help but cry a bit. He was so good for her. Actually, he was too good. That is why it ended like this. His body lying motionlessly on the floor and his dead eyes looking straight up. He died from a knife. She had her suspicions on who might have done it, but she still needs to find evidence. Or she doesn’t. she can end this herself, but he would ask of her not to. To leave it to the justice.

She washed her hair and took a long hot shower once she arrived home. She poured a glass of red wine, turned on the TV and just sat in front of it, not thinking, not moving, tired from everything that has been happening for the past few months. She was tense, even the slightest sound would make her jump and grab the knife she held next to her on the couch. She wants to get a gun. He was always against it and now look what happened. However, that was his big thing. Despite all the fear and hate and bad in the world, he didn’t want to lose hope. He believed the world was ultimately good. That society was good. That people were good. It is sad the world takes those kinds of people away from us. Those with hope. Those who dream about goodness and positivity.

But his last were surprising, to say the least.  Your secret is safe with me. Her secret…safe with him. She always knew that. She knew she can trust him. Could trust him. But why did he say it? At that time? Was there nothing else he would have rather told her but that her secret is safe?

Life is funny. It brings you things you never even dreamed of. Twists and turns every step of the way. That’s what makes it interesting. And sad. And happy. Life is a funny thing, but a very powerful one.

Life is also filled with secrets, mysteries, treasons, deaths. Why? Why can’t it be a happy thing? Just happiness and love. What a perfect dream that is.

As she lay in bed ready to go to sleep, a certain thought kept bugging her. Your secret is safe with me. Her secret…but he is dead…but he kept her secret… was that what killed him? Her secret?

That thought was too much to bear and she started crying. She cried like she had never cried before.

Your secret is safe with me.



PS: Thank you for reading this short story. Tell me what you think in the comments and if you would like me to write a sequel to this.


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    1. Hey, thank you so much!! I haven’t been blogging for long, I started a year ago, but didn’t blog for long and now I started about a week ago so I will try to keep up with it more. 😊😊


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