About me

Hello everyone!

I am Marija Blazevic and I am a currently studying at Alabama State University. I play for the  Alabama State’s tennis team and I am majoring in marketing, with a minor in international business.


I came to Alabama from a small country in Europe called Croatia. My hometown is Zagreb, which is also the capital city. As some of you may think, English is not my native language, Croatian is. However, I learned English in school. I also learned German, but I just know the basics, great 😛

I am a type of person that likes to travel, meet new people and see different cultures, so coming here to study seemed like a great opportunity to live my dream. I also wanted to keep playing tennis and get my degree, so coming to the US seemed like a good choice.



On this website I will be posting various journal entries I write about varios topics because I like to write my thoughts down and I would like to share them with as many people as I possibly can 🙂 Since it will mostly be free-writing, most of the post probably won’t make much sense, but…I will still do it, for fun 🙂